Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

“My carpets have never looked so great! Excellent service and quality work!”
-Patti of Cupertino, CA

“Ken Harte at A-breeze has done a great job on our carpets and our furniture. With the cost of interior furnishings these days, it is great to have confidence in someone you can trust to keep them maintained correctly.”
-Jackie of San Jose, CA

“I am an owner of two very fuzzy dogs that have had an occasional accident or have left dirty little paw prints behind after playing outside. A-breeze Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning completely made those stains disappear like they had never been there in the first place. I have had other carpet cleaning services attempt to remove spots, but they always seem to return. With A-breeze Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, the spots are gone for good! I highly recommend trying A-breeze, you won’t be disappointed.”
-Danean of Cupertino, CA

“A-breeze - excellent results very thorough, neat, prompt, professional and accommodating.”
-The EDs of San Jose, CA

“I hated the Purple Couch! It looked terrible (beyond it being purple). I thought it had to go but my husband thought, ‘maybe we can utilize it a bit longer and save some money’. So we had Ken clean it. The couch looks brand new. It’s still purple but we can live with it. I’d recommend Ken if you have carpet or furniture that is still in good shape but needs a good cleaning”
-Lynn of San Jose, CA

“After A-breeze worked their magic, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the upholstery on my 12 year old couch looked almost like new.”
-Leslie of Los Altos, CA

“I highly recommend A-breeze Maintenance for your home cleaning. Ken’s careful and through service has made our carpets and furniture seem like new again!”
-Vanessa of Los Altos, CA

“Marlene and I want to thank you for the great job you did on cleaning our carpets. We were impressed with the care and concern you showed regarding our home and furnishings. I was pleased with the professional job that you did and will be glad to recommend others to you.”
-Bill & Marlene of Mountain View, CA

“We bought our home and then had it carpeted with the carpet I really wanted ( meaning it was expensive! ). A few months later it dawned on us that we would need to clean and maintain it. By luck we found Ken Harte, who not only cleaned our carpet, he showed us how to take care of it so it would last longer.

But then, we got a dog. We came home one evening to find our very sweet terrier chewing on a pen. She had broken it open and while it leaked into the carpet she walked all over our white couch and then jumped up to greet us at the door with her blue paws. I was hysterical and it was Friday night. I called Ken because I had no idea how or if I could get the stains out. He coached me over the phone and then came over on Saturday morning and removed all evidence of the stains. My clothes and couch were not so lucky. I was so grateful to have his expertise when I really needed it the most.
We trust Ken. He is extremely knowledgeable and a wealth of information about carpet and its care. He does excellent work and we highly recommend him to everyone we know.”
-L.K. of San Jose, CA