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Furniture Upholstery Cleaning
San Jose, CA

There are many types of upholstery fabric in homes. Some are highly durable and relatively easy to clean, while other natural fiber fabrics require more skill and knowledge to clean safely.

Ken Harte is an upholstery cleaning specialist who knows how to clean all fabrics safely.

The method of cleaning upholstery is determined by its fabric content and other unique variables of the piece of furniture. Ken Harte is trained and certified by the country's recognized experts.

Ken can confidently and safely clean wool, silk, rayon, linen, raw silk, and all synthetic fibers. Ken is skilled at working with all styles including velvets, jacquards, micro-fibers, quilts, prints, and chenille.

Ken will be happy to provide pricing and to explain what cleaning results you can expect. A well-maintained piece of upholstery furniture will last twice as long and look and smell much better!

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